It seems like a simple question, but the answer is complicated. The truth of the matter is that your suspension system depends on what you are using your scooter for. If you are looking to purchase a kiddie scooter, then no suspension system will be needed because they don’t go fast enough for any damage to occur. However, if you’re in need of a cool and convenient way to get around campus or work during the winter months, then it’s time to consider an upgrade!

wait! do you know what is a kick scooter?


A suspension system is an essential component of any mobility device because it helps keep you comfortable while in use. Suspicion systems come in a variety of styles, so make sure to do your research. Here in this article, I will discuss types of suspension systems like front wheel and rear wheel, based on where to install them. There are two other types of suspension systems like air and coil springs.

But before going into detail of these types we will discuss What are the benefits of using suspension on scooter?

1: It increases your comfort while riding.

The benefits of using suspension on scooters are that it will make you more comfortable when in use, especially if the area you’re traveling to has cracked or uneven pavement. Without a suspension system, any damage sustained by the rider can be worsened due to an uncomfortable ride home.

2: it help to protect your scooter and the rider.

The suspension system is designed specifically to absorb shock from an uneven surface, keeping both the vehicle and its occupant as safe as possible in event of a fall or crash. This can be especially helpful for those who have osteoarthritis that may cause pain after bumpy rides on rough terrain.

3: It increases friction-reduces chance of accident.

Suspension units can also help to increase friction on the surface which, in turn, lessens wear and tear on joints and muscles. Increased traction reduces the chances of a fall or accident altogether as well.

The better your scooter is maintained with regular tune-ups, oil changes, etc., the longer it will last without any

Types of suspension:

Two types of suspensions are typically used on scooters: front wheel and rear wheel.

Front wheels

Front wheels suspension is applied at the front of the scooter and is designed to help absorb bumps. Front wheels suspension offer a smoother ride, but they require more maintenance than the rear type. They help increase friction and can also come with a suspension fork.

Rear wheels

A rear-wheel suspension is applied at the back, typically with a spring system that helps reduce vibration from bumpy terrain. Rear wheels require less maintenance than front wheels.

Other types of suspension system:

Coil springs

Suspension systems like coil springs are also used on scooters, but they’re uncommon because of their weight and the space they take up in a vehicle.

Coil springs provide a smoother ride, but they tend to be more expensive because of the need for an internal compressor. They also take up more storage space in comparison with air-based suspensions and require less space in my vehicle.

Most people prefer a coil spring over an air-filled one because they don’t need any maintenance like checking or replacing air pressure. l opt for the air-based system because they are less expensive and easy to install.

Air suspension

The last type of suspension is air-based which absorbs bumps with pneumatic shocks that compress when needed.

Inflation is done by a hand pump or an electric compressor. Air-based suspensions are the most common and favored among scooter riders because they’re cheaper, easier to install, and can provide more ground clearance.

Air shocks will need occasional air pressure checks as well as regular maintenance like changing out worn parts.”

Air suspensions are the most convenient because they have a pre-set height that is easily adjustable by releasing air through an external valve on the suspension system.

What kind of Adult Kick Scooter should I get with a suspension?

The answer is it depends.

If you’re going to be riding on bumpy, rough terrain or pavement that has cracks and potholes all over the place then a scooter with suspension will provide more comfort for your rides.

However, if you’ll only be using it around town in paved areas where there are minimal bumps and ground features then a scooter without suspension could be a better option.

You also need to think about your height and if you’ll have the ability to adjust it or not.

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Summing up our whole discussion in few words. If you’ll be riding on rough terrain or where there are lots of cracks and potholes then a scooter with suspension will provide more comfort. But if you’re only going to use it in paved areas like around town, then the benefits of a suspension may not outweigh the added costs.

So it totally depends on what you’ll be using your scooter for as to whether you need a suspension.

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