You will not believe this, but I was just in the grocery store and saw a man with two kids, one on each side of him. He had an adult kick scooter in his right hand. It seemed like he was struggling to hold onto it because he didn’t have a free hand–so I came up to him and asked if I could help by carrying the scooter for him. To my surprise, he said yes! So we walked around together looking at all of the food items. What did you want me to ask about? Well first things first: HOW TO LOCK ADULT KICK SCOOTERS?


There’s nothing worse than finding out your scooter has been stolen. Not only are you without a means of transportation, but often times they’re expensive to replace. But there are steps you can take to make sure it doesn’t happen again! In this blog post we’ll discuss how to lock adult kick scooters so that no one will ever be able to steal them again.

Buy a lock:

First and the most important step is to buy a lock and secure it with the scooter.

There are different types of locks to choose from, but you want to make sure it’s a strong lock that can’t easily be broken.

To make your scooter stand out in a crowd, try securing it to a lamp post or railing or trees that are on the sidewalk!

Get some kind of heavy-duty bike or U-lock that you can loop through one end of the scooter frame then around something immovable, like a pole or fence post. It’s important for this metal object to be close enough so that there is not any slack in the chain.

Next, use a cable or wire to loop around the other end of the scooter frame and then through one side of the U-lock. This will make sure that your lock is secure with no chance for anyone to get it off!

Next, if your scooter is upright on the ground and unlocked: place one of those metal poles in front of the wheels so they’re blocked off and keep them there by putting something heavy like a brick or block against the pole.

We’re not going to lock the kickstand up with a chainsaw because we don’t want anyone locking their feet in the chain and then dropping it down.

If you are going to lock your scooter in a place with other people around, make sure that you loop some sort of alarm on so that if someone tries tampering with the locks they will be alerted!

We’re not going to put any bikes or anything near our scooters because thieves like to steal stuff like that.

Why Are Cable Locks the Best Choice for Securing a Scooter?

The cable locks are the most popular type of lock because they are easy to install. Just wrap them around a post or railing and you’re good to go!

when using cable locks for your scooter’s wheels make sure that the cables loop over each other so it doesn’t become undone if someone tries tampering with it.

Make sure not have any exposed cables so that they don’t get cut!

The cable locks are also very cheap and you can get them at many hardware stores or online.

They are also very portable and don’t take up much space. quality cable locks are made of steel and have a very strong metal, they’re not going to break easily like cheap plastic ones will!

The major downfalls of cable locks is that they can be cut if someone with the right tools wanted to, but it would take them awhile because this type of lock is very strong.

Cable locks are an easy way to secure your scooter!


How to lock foldable kick scooter?

Foldable scooters can not be secured in the way discussed above. Because they are foldable, they can be taken apart and carried away.

You can simply secure it by taking it in a big( if it is not that heavy)along with your personal belongings.

You can also try another good way to secure a foldable scooter that is to loop an alarm around it with the other end of the chain attached to something big that thieves would not want or be able to carry like a tree or building.

How to lock Electric adult scooter?

Electric scooters operate on battery power so the best way to secure such a scooter is to remove the battery whenever you are not riding it. This will also help you to save on battery life.

But along with this you also need to use a cable lock because the thief can steal it even without a battery.


It is very important to lock your scooter when you are not using it. If the device needs a battery-powered start, then remove the battery and use cable locks. But if it is a Kick scooter, then use an alarm, chain, or anything that can be heavy for a thief to carry. For foldable scooters, you can take them in begs or else use a strong cable and your lock.

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