KICK SCOOTERS are a very popular mode of transportation among the young and old. They are easy to store, lightweight, and convenient for short distances. One of the most common questions that people have about kick scooters is how do you ride one?

Today we will answer this question by going over some safety tips on how to use a kick scooter properly.

You know what they say, “If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again.” And if you’re still not sure whether or not you can do it, just ask your friends. They’ll tell ya!


4 Tips before you start riding a kick scooter:

1. Find the right type of kick scooter for you and your height.

this is the first thing to do because not all types of kick scooters are designed for both children and adults. Some have a smaller stature than others so be sure you find the right one!

I can help you in this process.

We are going to recommend the best kick scooters for kids and adults, so don’t worry!

For children, we recommend a Kick Scooter with rubber tires. These have great grip on floors or sidewalks and feel sturdy enough that they’re not likely to flip over if a child falls off.

for adults, a Kick Scooter with ball bearings is the best choice. The wheels are smoother and faster, which means adults can get to their destination more quickly than they would on foot or by bike

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2. Adjust the seat height

The second step is to adjust the Handlebar height to the appropriate size according to your height. Make sure it is as comfortable as possible for your leg length and riding style (more upright or more laid back).

Some kick scooter don not have this feature of adjustable handlebar.

3. Put on protective gear,

These include a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, and wrist guards if available. You need to buy these kinds of stuff because many kick scooters don’t have these.

4. Make sure that all parts of the scooter are in working order

Before starting out – tighten handles if needed; check wheels for wear and tear; make sure brake works properly by squeezing the lever with both hands while rolling down an incline at full speed (should bring you to a stop).

A good rule of thumb is to inspect your scooter from corner-to-corner, front and back.

If anything doesn’t feel right or looks like it might need attention, get a new one instead. Safety first!

Start riding with just these five steps:

1: Learn to push off

Start pushing with one foot on the ground and the other on the deck. Push off with the back foot and lift the front foot up to a comfortable seated position.

What you should do is keeping your arms in the same posture as they were before starting push-off, then use them for balance – don’t lean too far forward or backward.

Keep that posture until you establish enough momentum to coast along using only one f foot.

once you have done the pushing off then you can then just coast along with both feet on deck to enjoy the ride.

2: Learn to build up speed

Gradually learn to build up a little speed by pushing off with alternating feet, then coasting for a few seconds before you push off again.

This helps the scooter feel more stable and encourages confidence because you are always in control of your velocity.

with an increase in the push frequency, the coast time gets shorter and you will be able to go faster.

Keep in mind that speed is a matter of personal preference – some people enjoy going fast while others prefer it more at an easy pace.

3: Learn foot switching:

When you start to feel more experienced, it’s time to learn how to do foot switching. This is the trickiest skill and requires a lot of practice but will make your rides smoother and faster.

It involves pushing off with one leg then quickly swapping over so that the other leg pushes off in its place while the first leg swings around in a circular motion.

Foot switching is the most efficient way to ride because it reduces coast time and lets you go faster but, as mentioned before, takes practice to master.

Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart when starting out – this will help with balance while also making foot swaps easier.

Tip; the best place for starters is inside a low-traffic area where you can practice without getting in anyone’s way.

there are a lot of foot-switching techniques out there to help you get the hang of it. the one that I want to share here is the heel twist technique.

In this technique, you want to rotate your heel from the inside of the scooter so it points outward. This will provide a stable platform for your foot while also giving you more room to move around on the deck and make easier swaps.

Tip; remember that once your feet are properly positioned, use your toes as an anchor point until you are ready to move your feet again.

you can also work on having the correct grip by wrapping your fingers around the deck handle while keeping a light pressure with your thumb in order for your hand not to be dragged through when making large moves.

Tip; keep at it and soon enough you will find yourself riding with ease!

4: How to turn on Kick Scooter?

The fourth step is to learn how to turn on the scooter. it may have a button to push, or it might require you to twist a throttle grip that’s located under your feet or in front of you.

You can turn your kick scooter by using the back wheel as a lever. By turning and pushing it to one side, you will be able to steer yourself in the right direction.

-If you find yourself riding too fast or not being able to control the scooter, try applying downwards pressure on both wheels at once. This will cause it to slow down and become easier for you to handle.

Tip; keep at it and soon enough you will find yourself riding with ease!

5: How to stop a kick scooter

The last and most important step; how to stop a scooter.

Some scooters have handlebar brakes, some have a brake on the back wheel, and others have no brakes at all.

When you want to stop your scooter with handlebar brakes, just squeeze them together in order to slow down or come to an immediate halt.

If you have brakes on the back wheel, pull back on the brake lever to slow down or come to an immediate halt.

If you have no brakes then make sure to not lean too far forward as this will cause your scooter to stop.

If you don’t know how to lock a kick scooter, click it, HOW TO LOCK ADULT KICK SCOOTERS?


I hope that was useful for you! This is how I ride a kick scooter: First, start off by finding yourself in a comfortable position. You can start off with a kick scooter to learn how the whole thing works, or you can stand on it like regular shoes and just use your feet to push with a little bit of pressure.

You should find yourself in an upright position before attempting any tricks. After this, move around a bit until you feel ready.

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