What Kick Scooter Should I Buy?

In today’s world, there are all sorts of different scooters that you can buy. There are electric scooters for the elderly and disabled, longboard scooters for those who want to go off-road, kick scooters for those who need a fast commute but don’t want to drive their car or take public transit, and folding kick scooters that can be stored in small spaces. So many options! Which is best? You have to answer this question before you start shopping.

I am going to talk about the features that you should look for in your new ride.



The first factor that you should consider is the comfortability of your new ride. When you’re riding a scooter around town, do you want to be uncomfortable?

Both feet should be fit on the deck so that you feel confident on your new ride. You should also be able to touch the ground with both feet and keep your balance when you’re riding without any problems, this helps for a smoother experience.

You should also have a good grip and stability while you’re driving. These are important factors that one must consider before purchasing their new ride.

The handlebars of the scooter should also have a good grip on them so that you can hold onto them comfortably as well. Do they seem wobbly? Try using both hands to grab it and see if there is any wobbling while you are holding onto them when riding.

Handlebar Height:

The next important thing to consider is the handlebar height of the scooter. It depends on your height and how tall you are. The handlebars should be at a comfortable position in which it is still easy for the rider to reach them, but not too high that they are touching your chest while driving.

You can adjust this by putting one of the wheels on top of something such as a rock or brick and spinning it around until the handlebars are at a good height for you.

Long And Low Deck:

Make sure to check that the deck is long and low. this means that it will be easier to balance on because you have more ground contact when riding, so your center of gravity will stay lower which makes balancing a lot easier.

Make sure there are no cracks in parts as they could easily lead to an accident if there are any.

Large Wheels:

The wheels on your scooter should also be large. this will help you get over bumps in the road, cracks on sidewalks, and small pebbles without any problems.

The wheels are what make up a huge part of how fast or slow your scooter moves so they need to be high quality as well!

Plus the wheels must be made up of a material that will last long, like polyurethane, high-quality plastics, or rubber.

Adjustable Handlebar:

The handlebars should be adjustable so people of all heights can ride the scooter comfortably and with ease. this means they need to move up or down depending on your height !!! without needing any tools or extra time spent getting it set up just right.

High-Quality Build:

Make sure your scooter is high quality. this will help you avoid any injuries and keep the wear-and-tear to a minimum so that it lasts longer for you.

The frame of the scooter should also be durable. this will help you feel more stable on the scooter and avoid any accidents that might happen because of it!

well-lubricated bearings:

In order to have a smooth ride, your scooter bearings should be well lubricated! this will help you steer with ease and even avoid any accidents that might happen because of it.


The Kick scooter should be lightweight! this will make it easier for you to carry or transport and even avoid any accidents that might happen because of it.

Most of the time, a lighter scooter will be cheaper than one that is heavier.

The lightweight frame helps you control your maneuvers easier and can even help avoid accidents!

Many of the kick scooters available in the market have a weight range from about 4 to 6 kg.


Your scooter should be portable! this will allow you to carry it anywhere and avoid any accidents that might happen because of it.

You can easily fold your scooter in a matter of seconds after use, making storage less hassle-free!


Kick scooters with suspensions are a great way to avoid any accidents that might happen because of it.

These are also called shock-absorbers, help in absorbing the impact and make your ride smoother!

Some scooters have another type of suspension: front or rear fenders. these can be really helpful for rough roads as they will protect.

But it has one disadvantage: it makes the scooter heavier and more difficult to carry. Thus it is your personal choice!

Tip: Maintenance:

Kick scooters are generally very easy to maintain, but there are a few things you should keep in mind! make sure that your kick scooter is not too dirty as this will affect its performance and efficiency; clean after each use with soap and water or any.


The other factor is cost: how much will this scooter set me back? You want to make sure that your budget can handle whatever purchase. there are many budget-friendly scooters that can suit your needs. what you need is to have research on it, no time for this? then you really need to read my second article about the detailed review of the adult scooter 10 Best Kick Scooter For Adults.


There are many things to consider when looking for a kick scooter. Some of these include your personal needs and wants, weight capacity requirements, cost considerations, and durability preferences. Once you have narrowed it down based on what is most important to you then you can start shopping for the best scooter that will suit your needs.

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